May 14th, Second session

The group decides that the best course of action to take in the battle is to attack the bombarding ritual wizards. As they argue amongst themselves about strategy, Irea’Nolu teleports into the fray and begins dueling the tougher looking mage. The group sprung into action, Cho’gath and Aghar leading the charge. They were met with fierce resistance by two drow defenders, a sniper, and 3 mages. Though the opposition held up a good fight, they were no match for Kara’s deadly firey arrows and Bishops savage electrically charged hammer. While Cho’Gath and Vladamir kept them in the right spot, Aghar pummeled his enemies with the teleporting fist style. No foe was left alive, except for the human wizard, PoiPoi, who was dueling Irea. After the fight, Irea informed the group of the mage’s identity and the mystery surrounding his involvement in drow affairs. As this was going on, Zebith curiously investigated the body of the fire elementalist whom was charred badly by Irea’s firey tornado spell. As Zebith tore out the fiendish heart of his foe, The Orb of Mystery seemed to abosrd it’s being! His new found satellite glowed with warm red. The orb then instilled Zebith with a clear image of a containment area with another floating satellite just like his. It was clear to Zebith that this facility is located somewhere in Chez’Nasad, Menzobarrenzan’s sister city. When the battle-weary group arrived back to the compound, they were summoned by the Matron’s and officer’s of BDA. Triel gifted Bishop with a rare element known as infinium and plotted out where he could find the catalyst and where he could forge it. The group was given a choice between siding with Oblodra, Beanre, or Barrison. The group chose Beanre. Aghar also found a note on one of the assassin’s bodies from a priestess named Ausva. Ausva claims that Aghar must be brought to her dead or alive, as his ki focus is known to react in a powerful way to a relic named “the pocket watch”. Kara was instructed to speak with Irea concerning her dragon’s abilities. The group has chosen to follow the path that the note has spelled out, as it seems to be the most pressing matter at hand. Having powerful shadow assassins on your tail is not a good thing.



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