The Arachnomancer's Tower

Upon entering the city of shimmering webs, the group decided to find a decent inn to use as a base of operations. One was found, and preparations for the groups next move began soon after. Aghar and Zebith decided that it would be best to rest up before getting into anymore life or death situations. The rest of the group went on to investigate Zebith’s mysterious new orb. But as the group strolled towards the mage’s terrace, a familiar face showed its dastardly colors once again. Zin’Zerena had been waiting on the group to pass by and was lying in wait for an ambush atop the Temple of Lolth. As she lept down from her perch, Vladamir and Cho’Gath attempted to make a run for it down some back allys leading towards the bazaar. But the skilled shadow assassin was used to running down cunning prey. She quickly caught up to Cho’Gath, taking him hostage. Meanwhile, Karra and Bishop, after hearing of the commotion, rushed to the temple district to find Vladimir. He quickly caught them up and led everyone to where the culprit rushed off to. With some elementary tracking skills, Vladimir found that Zerena had taken Cho’Gath to the Arcaneum. The group had no problem getting in. Actually, it was strange how easy it was to tail the assassin and enter the compound where she had taken their ally. The group noticed that Zerena and Cho’Gath entered a back room within the magical artifact containment area. Cho’Gath met a priestess named Ze’ah within the room. Ze’ah instructed Cho’Gath that he and his companions must make haste in reaching the Anachromancer’s tower, as he hadn’t much time. She gave Cho’Gath a scroll. In which depicted a Drider making 6 transformations. The last of which seeming like a godly monstrosity. Ze’ah handed Zerena a bag of gold and dismissed her. Ze’ah also mentioned that she is a priestess of Zin’Zerena, a thing which made almost no sense to Cho’Gath. The group eventually departed for the mage’s tower, along with Ze’ah. Upon reaching the spider infested tower, they were greeted by the arachnomacer’s voice emanating from a spiderling. The group of worldly adventurer’s were surprised by the construction of the tower. It was one of the tallest structures they had ever laid eyes on, and it was made completely out of spider’s web. New additions were constantly being made. It was clear that this was meant to perform the function of a defensible fortress. Countless spiders and other creatures toiled away at making armor, weapons, and adding to the tower’s defenses. Upon entering the tower, the arachnomancer greeted the troupe in a more proper form, as the intimidatingly powerful magic user PoiPoi. It was clear that this is his domain, where almost no one would have a chance at defeating him. The mage then began the ritual to contain Cho’Gath’s next form. A dozen spiders rappelled from the ceiling, and PoiPoi summoned his “avatar”. Combat soon began. Though it was over in a matter of seconds. Everyone, even Ze’ah and PoiPoi stood clear of Cho’Gath as he made his transformation. The beast which took the place of Cho’Gath was the most terrifying thing that any of them had ever witnessed. But it was contained within a magical seal. Cho’Gath soon reverted to his humanoid form, a bit dazed but without any injuries. Zin’Zerena then instructed PoiPoi to begin the arrangements for her ascension to “godliness”. It seems as though Cho’Gath is but a test, a disposable pawn. But one that is still of use to these people. Cho’Gath has now gained a better understanding of his purpose and goals, and will continue to grow. But how will his story end? An abysmal catastrophic transformation? or a controlled and witting powerful abomination? The group had much time to mull these questions over on the quiet ride back to Ched’Nasad.



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