To Ched'Nasad!

With the looming threat of execution by the hands of Oblodrian assassins, the group decided that a change of scenery would be appropriate. Bishop, Karra, Cho’Gath, and Zebith all had things to take care of within the city of crystalline webbings. Zebith had a mysterious feeling about a possible enhancement to his orbital implement, Kara felt the need to gain information about her cute, yet dangerous best friend dragon, Bishop required a catalyst to mold his infinium into something useful, and Cho’Gath wished to meet with the Arachnomancer. While some sought power, information, or the simple thrill of adventure, the group was ever aware of their 1 month time constraint. Getting to and back from Ched"nasad would take at least 2 weeks. An injury or any stumble along the way could spell disaster. If they returned empty handed, they might risk being outclassed by the other champions. The only choice was to bravely move forward into unknown perils. After a short conversation with Jarlaxle, in which the group explained their intent on supporting House Beanre, the group requisitioned resources for the journey and departed. They also picked up a medium sized mercenary escort. The journey was a harsh one. Along the way, a few small skirmishes were fought which included fending off wild dark creatures and defending against goblin and orc bandits. The foes were no match for the group’s experience and guile. after 5 days of relative ease however, Vladamir noticed a strange rumbling. Soon the group realized that a horde of hungry spiders were advancing on their position! Thinking quickly, Bishop commanded everyone to take their roles. Zebith hurled massive fireballs, utilizing his new found siege ritual. This destroyed the spider’s ranks and killed dozens of the cruel critters. Zebith continued his assault while Cho’Gath and Vladimir took to the front lines, heroically commanding the battalion of battle hardened mercenaries. Bishop and Karra took the role of providing artillery to the back lines, effectively thinning the herd as the countless invasion of deadly arachnids tore through the flesh of the poor hired swords. All the while, Aghar skulked through the shadows, tearing apart fiend after fiend in a savage assassination spree. Though, onlookers probably would not notice any of the exploits of the above mentioned, as the real stars of the show were a few unnamed, selfless , brave, and very dead mercenaries. They killed one after another with frenzied blows, overshadowing even the toughest and nimblest of drow warriors. They were probably destined for epic deeds in the future, but it would seem as though the group selfishly threw them away for their own gains. Only 1 mercenary survived. Cursing the group and their insidious plot to use the sell swords as cannon fodder, he vowed to one day enact his revenge. The remainder of the journey was harsh only because of the wounds inflicted by the arachnid horde. As the champions of Beanre approached the gate to Ched’Nasad, Cho’Gath noticed a 4 on the palm of his hand. Cho’Gath would not know the dangers of this event until meeting up with an old acquaintance within the gates of the crystalline city.



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