Bishop (Sorta dead now)

The Treacherous Inventor


Bishop is unusual for a Drow, but not like his companions. He was not born into a ranking family in Menzoberranzan or visited by the Lady of Spiders, he is just simply an inventor. Bishop was born as a commoner and like many commoners, found himself involved in the slave trade for the noble houses. Finding his work as duty to his goddess was Bishop’s driving force in his early life, yet something began to grow in the back of his mind. Why have these houses? Why preform such treachery on a fellow Drow? These questions seemed easy for most Drow, seeing as Lolth revels in her subordinate’s betrayals, yet Bishop saw that this was impeding to Lolth’s “greater” goal, destruction of all things not Drow. Bishop’s answer was simple, betrayal was not a part of Lolth’s teachings at all, but a natural flaw that was rampart through all mortal races. With the realization of this, Bishop stripped himself of the things that bound him to be a mortal; his name, his relationships, everything. He left the slave trade and went into seclusion in the tunnels of the Underdark for 10 years before coming to Menzoberranzan to work for Bregan D’aerthe. Bishops finds the mercenaries as a convenient end to his end goal of gaining power and coming closer to the ever elusive “perfection”

After betraying the group to Artemis Enteri and his sect of BDA, Bishop travels with Enteri.

Bishop (Sorta dead now)

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