The Dragon Trainer


Karra, is 47 years old female drow, or dark elf. She has a slim, but toned build, and is 5 foot 2 inches- a common drow height.
Part of her appearance though, deviates from that of the common drow race; where dark ebony skin and red eyes are the norm- Karra instead, has a pale, ashen grey skin tone with bright, silvery eyes. Her eyes are sometimes covered by her white, waist-length hair.

Karra, by all drow means (and probably by most other races’ means as well), is exceptionally beautiful. She has a glow about her that seems to captivate anyone in her presence.
But while Karra is, at first glance, inherently beautiful.. she is obviously vain, and teeters on the brim of displaying full blown narcissistic behavior at times.
She relishes- no, lives for attention, and will almost do anything to get it. She can be particularly sensitive towards others opinion on her appearance and has been known to cruelly lash out at those unfortunate enough to disagree with her look.

Despite her majestic appearance and sharp tongue, Karra dresses in traditional ranger clothing; wearing a black leather bodice, matching black leather pants and black knee-high riding boots. Along with black leather strips on both her arms (that start at her hands, and end near her elbows), to serve as bracers. Over that, she also wears a full length, midnight blue cloak, usually with her hood adorned in such a fashion that her long, white hair can be seen falling loosely over both her shoulders.

The most noticeable thing about Karra though, is a small black dragon (about a foot and a half tall, measuring from the tip of his nostrils to his hindquarters), named Obsidian, who is always with her. He is typically perched on her right shoulder, but he will sometimes fly around her and stare at passersbys with his piercing, goldenrod eyes.


Born into the third highest ranking house in Ched’nasad- or the City of Shimmering Webs, Karra was the youngest of her seven siblings, all whom were girls. And being a female, in a noble house, she was able to enjoy a privileged lifestyle growing up in the Nyte House.
Even from her earliest memories, Karra always remembered receiving a great deal of praise from her matron mother (and others), for how striking and beautiful her features were. Karra was gifted ornate, wall length mirrors, and lavish brushes and combs, along with an assortment of perfumes and fine clothing from her matron mother over the years. But as her sisters became older, Karra began to notice her mother’s attention shift from her to the three of her eldest sisters. Karra knew they were promised high ranking positions in their House of Nyte once they became of age and completed their training. Her mother soon began to exhaust her all her energy and resources into preparing and training them for their future roles as Nyte priestess, which left Karra feeling ignored and rejected. It didn’t take long for the emotional female to decide to runaway.

After leaving Ched’nasad to adventure out on her own, Karra presently arrived in Menzoberranzan- the City of Spiders, where she entered into Melee Magthere, the warrior academy. When they opened a trunk full of weapons for her first grand melee, Karra’s eyes immediately landed on a long, graceful bow. The curves of the bow were slender and elegant, seemingly matching her own body type. Holding it in her hands for the first time she knew it was a perfect fit. And over the years she excelled in using her great bow, and thus igniting her interest in something other than her own reflection in the mirror (for the first time ever).

Sometime after her first year of study at Magthere, Karra was on a routine patrol through the tunnels of Menzo when she happened upon a strange rock. This rock caught her interest as she could tell by her heat sensing eyes that its heat signature was several hundred times higher than all the other surrounding rocks. She carefully picked up the rock and noticed that it was completely cool to the touch, and what was more, the rock was perfectly smooth on all sides. She wasn’t handling it for more than a few seconds when the rock cracked down one of its sides! Karra heard a tapping coming from the inside of the black rock and not moments later, a tiny, black as night dragon head popped out from the top. The baby dragon’s goldenrod eyes pierced through Karra’s gaze and into her soul. Instantly, Karra found something she loved more than herself. And for the next nine years Karra and her dragon Obsidian, finished her training in Melee Magthere together- learning to fight in combat situations together.

After completing her training at Magthere, Karra graduated top of her class. Thus sparking the interest of the houseless rogue; Jarlaxle, who fancied making Karra part of his new mercenary group. Karra, not ready to return to the Nyte House with such little accomplishments under her belt- accepted.


Menzoberranzan Karra