Sorcere's Gambit


Zebith, the newly appointed assistant to the arch mage, has spent his last 40 years learning the essentials of being a subservient tool for the female clergy of the city. Zebith took to magic quite easily, attaining the title of “wizard” within his first 5 years; a feat which hasn’t been done since Pharaun Del’Armgo, the current arch mage. Even the masters of sorcere nervously twitch when in the presence of Zebith, for he is an unpredictable character. Some say that he would have already surpassed the current masters in terms of power if it wasn’t for his seeming disability to fully control his magic flows. It might be better said that he lacks the ability to understand why he would want to control magic in the first place. To Zebith, magic wouldn’t be any fun if he knew what would happen next. Whats the point in obliterating something with a vortex of flame if it’s exactly the same every time? Zebith has done something that would have warrented execution by drider if his skill wasn’t so extraordinary- make the chaos blood pact. This pact allows the caster to perform spells of awesome magnitude, while allowing the risk of such spells to backfire. Zebith cares not about the risks. If it means that his power would increase in a volitile way, Zebith will take almost any measure to acquire it.

The arch mage’s assistant has recently gone missing, taking with him the Orb of Mystery. The council of magi could easily locate him and retrieve the orb, but they see it as an experiment of both Zebith and the orb. Though Zebith’s house frantically searches for him every waking minute, he has strong allies within sorcere. What will become of the Gambit Sorcerer? will he be able to control the power which he wields? or will he end up as a pile of ash?


Menzoberranzan Zebith