May 5th- First session

The group finds themselves at the top of the eastern guard tower of the BDA compound. Cho’Gath of the Void, Vladamir the Earthshaper, Kara the chick, Bishop the inventor, and Argalon are charged with acting as a pre-emptive strike force against any enemy intrusion to the matron mother’s council. One of the disposable scouts sees suspicious movement in the distance as the group gains their bearings. Vladamir is the first to get a decent look at the enemy. A few black figures were seen racing from cover to cover in an attempt to get closer to the compound. A scout is sent to investigate, and did not return. Soon, the group decides to warn the higher ups of the suspicious activity. They run into a squirmy looking drow who seems to be a spy or assassin working for the enemy. It takes awhile, but the group figures that the real intention of this fellow was to plant bombs. Bishop orders others to aid him in the search, but it was he who found the most well hidden and important bomb; the bomb planted on the council room. Soon, the group hears the thunderous footsteps of an enemy attack. While the compound frantically went into combat formation, the group attempted to attack the bombarding wizards at the back flank of the attacking army. The shrine of Lolth seemed like the best route to take to get to their destination. Bishop, holding the bombs, also sought to get them as far away from the compound as possible. But the group was halted by a strike force led by Zin’Zerena, a mysterious assassin who seemed like an incarnation of darkness. The group fared well in combat against their foes, being aided by Houser 1 finger at a critical moment. But the shrine ended up being destroyed, along with a large chunk of the attacking force. A Yochlol appeared and questioned the group on the incident, but decided that the enemy was to blame for the destruction. The battle then quickly turned around in favor of BDA and the matron mothers. No doubt Lolth had decided who the winner would be. Now the group has a strait path to the mages whom are still a dangerous force to the council.


The year is 1353 DR. It has been 13 years since House Do’Urden was destroyed, and the rest of the city is in turmoil. Bregan D’aerthe is seeking to slay Drizzt in order to gain more favor from Lolth. More importanly, it is obvious that an unknown force is making the god of drow uneasy. Any deed done to favor Lolth will be rewarded tenfold in this time of uncertainty. What more would please Lolth than the destruction of the one who escaped her will? Even the vainest of drow should bow before the slayers of Lolth’s most hated mortal enemy. This is the 3rd group that Jarlaxle has hoped to raise to great heights. Will they perish like the rest? Or rise to glory in the eyes of their god?


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