Assault on the Mind Flayers!

After the group had licked their wounds and finally gotten a bit of rest after their last adventure, Bishop decided it was about time to take the mind flayers of the western shallow down. The camp in particular has had control of inter-planar travel in the area for hundreds of years. It had also been rumored that a demon was controlling the creatures through a hive mind link. Bishop had already met with an illithid selling wares in the market district that was eager for the opportunity to help Bishop retrieve the catalyst that the mind flayers held. He warned Bishop in the typical psychic manner which is common among the otherwordly creatures, that the mind flayer camp is not a group to take lightly. Bishop would not only need his group, but also the skills of some other powerful allies. There were a few goals to achieve to successfully take down this hive mind. 1.) The hive mind link was to be assassinated 2.) the catalyst must be stolen 3.) the planar portals would need to be disabled as to avoid the mind flayers from summoning their most powerful defenses and 4.) the main force of their army had to be kept at bay. Bishop, against his better judgement, decided to hire Zin’Zerena and her allies to take care of the assassination. He then went to the militant schools to pick up the bulk of his fighting force, then finally hired Trofz and his accomplice Finley to take care of the catalyst theft. The Journey was not long and soon the makeshift strike force had reached the perimeter of the camp. With haste, Bishop laid down the “map” to the camp. This disrupted the hive mind enough to allow the army to pass undetected. The hive mind then proceeded to be massacred. The final score was 2 casualties for the drow, and 23 for the hive mind. There were also around 30 mind flayer prisoners. As agreed, Bishop received his catalyst, and the mind flayer received control of the planar links and became the hive mind link. As Bishop left, he had a feeling that it all came together a little too easily… The journey back was uneventful, as a group of 20 odd drow know very little real challenge in underdark creatures.



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