Jarlaxle's Proposition

After 2 weeks of agonizing and harsh travel; Karra, Vladamir, and Zebith found themselves just hours away from the surface. Running low on supplies and becoming irritated from having nothing but each other as company and entertainment, the adventurers were feeling weary. The biting cold of the surface was something which was already tearing at the black skin of the trio. Even this far underground, it was around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The surface would be a cold place indeed. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, Zebith dashed towards the end of journey only to trip on something. It was a skellingtang! Hearing the ruckus outside of his lair, Yggdrasil opened his secret door to greet the intruders. He gazed upon Zebith with curiousity and greeted himself as the “Death Dealer of Ten Towns.” Stories of his vile acts had reached even the walls of Luskan- far to the south. Yggdrasil shared with the group his information and expertise with surface dwellers. He reaffirmed their suspicions that they were nothing but ugly, stupid, and weak creatures. Zebith’s orb informed him of “trouble” in his near future. Perhaps these surface dwellers would prove to be a nuisance after all. Sure enough- noise and tremors indicative of surface dwellers filled the dark caverns within a few minutes. The group decided to engage them in combat. The humans used cheap tricks such as a magical flashbang orb to stun the group. The fight was short. The cowardly humans ran in fright. Zebith was able to capture one and interrogate him. The only information he gathered was that he was from a place called “luzka” and that they were after Yggdrasil’s head. Vladamir found one of the magical flashbang orbs on the captured human and decided that it might come in use. The other humans, being injured and bleeding out, would not make much progress towards their home. The group, with their new companion Yggdrasil, decided to take their first steps into the vast unknown of the surface in search for the ingredient which had the power to transform the drow into lich. the surface turned out to be white, burning cold, dark, and dry. These conditions were quite unlike those of the damp and warm underdark which they were used to. Strange pillars protruded from the ground and there were strange “lasers” that lit up the area above. Yggdrasil spoke about the orb in the sky known as “The Great Muu.” Legends has it that The Great Muu was one of the strongest fighters to ever walk the surface. Muu has been credited as the one who separated drow blood from elven blood. This great triumph secured him a place among the other lasers in the heavens. Yggdrasil quickly found his frozen flower and contained it within a special jar. The group made their way back to the lair. Vladamir, being unprepared for the cold conditions of the surface, was on the verge of frostbite. Yggdrasil, being curious of the geomancer’s powers, decided to examine Vladamir. His tests quickly found that Vladimir’s powers were the opposite of necromancy. Instead of turning energy into undeath, Vladamir turned undeath into energy. Upon this revalation, Vladamir attempted to speak with his god, Torag. After a creepy and drawn out discussion, Vladamir found that he was already qualified to be Torag’s exarch. The pain of the loneliness he felt in the pocket watch was enough to pass the first part of Torag’s evaluation of him. This is why he was able to commune with the god in the first place. Torag assured him that more horrible pain awaits him. After a few hours of restful meditation, the group was awakened by a series of squeeks and a knock on the wall of the hidden door. Jarlaxle stood to greet the companions. He spoke about a future where him and the group could work together on adventure and contracts. The group was hesitant at first, but decided that they could use his help to find Bishop and defeat Drizzt. They stepped out of the lair and were greeted to Jarlaxle’s poisonous crossbow pointed strait at them. 10 other Drow eased out of the shadows, all with the same magical and poisonous arrows. They were set up. Jarlaxle told them of their impending sale to their enemies in Menzoberranzan. He ensured them that their sacrifice would go to a good place- his pockets. Cornered and out of options, Vladamir decided to take a risk. He pulled out the flash orb and threw it in between the assassins! The orb momentarily stunned them. Vladimir took this chance to get away along with his other companions. He got an arrow lodged in his left leg among the chaos. He used his geomancer abilities to erect a blockade to the passage. It came up just in time, and the group booked it out into the surface. Wounded and bleeding out in the harsh cold of the north Fearun winter, Vladamir would be slow and easy to track. Will the group be able to evade the greedy clutches of Jarlaxle and reunite with their companion Bishop?


All hail The Great and Powerful Muu!!! lolol

Jarlaxle's Proposition

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