The Assassins of Oblodra

Upon their return to the city of shimmering webs, the group happened upon their old friend Trofz’xiks. Trofz returned to Aghar his long lost pocket watch and informed the daring adventurers of the TWENTY ASSASSINS ON THEIR TAILS AHHH! Trofz led the group back to his hideout within the city, nervously peeking around to make sure that no unwelcome eyes were gazing where they shouldn’t. Unknown to the group, Trofz had led the cunning assassins on a clever ruse designed to avert their attention while Trofz collected the Paragons of Menzoberanzan. The gang made haste in reaching Trofz’ hideout, which was essentially a storage unit in the house tier. Inside, there was an oblodrian assassin tied up to a chair in front of a table with his house insignia laying out. Finley, Trofz’ friend and intelligence specialist sped the group up on the situation. As it turns out, Oblodra wasn’t very happy with the empty promise that the group made to her. So she sent a strike force made up of the most deadly psions house Oblodra could offer to destroy Jarlaxle’s J-squad. The psions quickly found Aghar’s pocket watch, which Finley and Trofz luckily recovered. Zebith eagerly took on the role of torturer in order to get information. A quarter hour passed by with almost no results. As the group was bickering back and forth about their next move, Bishop realized that the Oblodrian insignia was a comunications device which had been transmitting everything said in the room up to this point! The group destroyed it and decided the best course of action would be to send a group out with the wagon in order to bait the assassins out. To everyone’s dismay, they soon heard a frantic knock on the unit’s front door shortly after the wagon was sent out. They had been ambushed! Vladamir and Zebith were in critical condition, and Finley was barely able to stand. It was time for the group to make their stand. The battle was over in a matter of seconds. Even with the aid of local mercenaries, the assassins had no chance vs. Cho’Gath’s sturdy defense and Bishop’s crushing hammer. The group left no survivors of the dozen strong ambush squad.



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