The Battle for Mithril Hall

The group bids farewell to the City of Shimmering Webs as they depart back to their home city of Menzoberranzan. After they forge Bishop’s new weapon at the god’s forge in Mithril Hall, they will have a few days to prepare for the tournament. Bishop had one more thing to do before he finally left behind Ched’Nasad; he had to say goodbye to his “friend” Drizzt Tezla. But to his dismay, he found his friend dismembered and displayed in the workshop that they spent so many hours toiling away for Bishop’s ends. A warning from a group called “The Guild of Innovation” read that Bishop should cease all body modification and unsanctioned technological advances if he didn’t want to end up like Robot Rob. Bishop did find something hidden, seemingly just for him, behind some old beer glasses. It was the specifications for what seemed to be a 3rd arm. Bishop took the plans and spoke a quick, solemn prayer to his friend. He didn’t mellow on this for long though, for within the hour he and his group were off to the Breagan D’Aerthe compound. The group did run into a few bands of goblins and various other underdark creatures. They could tell by the ease of their travels that they had become much stronger than when they left for Ched’Nasad just weeks ago. Their arrival was probably heard throughout the entire City of Splendors. Jarlaxle informed the group of the Oblodrian insurrection upon the new political system, and of their obvious thirst for Aghar’s blood. He also informed them of intel that pointed to Zin’Zerena making an appearance in the city soon. The group took all of the information that the various officers of BDA had given them with a grain of salt however, because Drizzt Du’Ordens words still rang in the back of their minds. For now though, it seems as though their status with BDA is very high, and their power within the city has never been greater. Talk of them commanding their own battalion within the ranks has been uttered here and there. After swapping intel with the brass of BDA, the group figured it would be a good time to rest up before heading off to Mithril Hall. Before long, they found themselves face to face with the golden gates of the formerly majestic dwarven stronghold. While still a true wonder to behold, it now stands at only a fraction of its former glory and splendor. The Duergar had not been taking good care of it. After making a deal with some of the outer, lower class craftsmen, the adventurers found themselves inside the massive fortress. Suddenly, horns sounded off and explosions blasted through the western side of the city. Chaos ensued, as the duergar scrambled to find weapons, or rocks, or anything that could help their chances of survival. Even the dim witted ones understood. Mithril hall was being invaded. Dwarves clad in ornate, magical armor stormed the gates, slicing through the cowardly duergar with ease. Drizzt was among the dwarves, going full force against his combatants. Bishop, thinking this an opportunity, slipped into the god forge’s chamber. A few lowly duergar stood guard, becoming nothing more than fodder to Bishops wrath. He started the process of enchanting and reforging the components of his weapon immediately. With the help of the infinium and Zebith’s skillful magical abilities, the inventor had an easy time creating his latest marvel. The catalyst hissed fiercly and flames erupted violently. The crackle of residuum echoed throughout the chamber, drowning out the sounds of war and killing going on just a few dozen yards away. Bishop seemed to gain skill in technology seemingly out of nowhere at this moment, as if his entire life had led up to this point. When it was done, Bishop stood with a mace and sword; the true weapons of Severatim. Wasting no time, the group gathered themselves and joined the battle for survival ensuing outside of the chamber. They noticed that Drizzt was having a difficult time with a group of duergar. It also seemed as if the under dwarves had taken on a physical change.. a devilish change. It was obvious that the cowards had made some sort of pact with devils in order to protect this place. It was probably the reason Mithril Hall was taken in the first place. The group decided to take out Drizzt here and now while they had the chance. However, an elite group of Duergar stood in their path. The group defeated the devilish fiends with relative ease, but not in time. Drizzt had already slain his opponents and was no longer vulnerable.. vengeance for Lolth would have to wait. Now Drizzt and Co. and the dwarves of Mithril hall consider the group allies. The battle was decided. The wretched surface dwellers had won out over the Duergar.



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