The Tournament

With Bishop’s new weapon complete, the group was then ready to take down whatever puny resistance the power tournament of Menzoberranzan could offer. They departed from Mithril Hall and were looking upon the gates of Menzo within half a day. Upon their arrival, a large carriage could be seen being pulled into the city gates. As it turned out, the cart contained their only enemy in the tournament- a broodling of the giant spider from Ched’Nasad. The group went back to BDA for a briefing of events since their departure. Jarlaxle informed Bishop of the withdrawal of the other houses from the tournament. Oblodra was the only house with the guts to continue the revolt against Beanre. They chose to pit a broodling against the group because they could not find suitable gladiators in time for the tournament. Beanre agreed only because they knew that the group would not fail. The day of the tournament came and Zebith, nervous with anticipation, went on to attempt to impregnate as many high class priestesses as he could. The others dealt with their nerves in different ways. Bishop, not even sure if competing in the tournament was something he wanted to do, attempted to reach of to Sevratim and Lolth through prayer. To no avail, as he was not in good enough standing to communicate with them. Vladamir practiced and honed his skills while Aghar scouted for the best prices on illegal contraband. Kara spent her time with her dearly beloved Irea. Soon enough, the group stood before the starting block in the largest arena they had ever seen. After some opening speeches from the archemage of the city, Triel Beanre, and Resz Oblodra, the fight had begun. Zebith amazed the city with his new ability: Blood Pillar. This dangerous and powerful spell almost killed the spider in a single instant! The archemage was shocked. Never had he thought that Zebith could come this far. He was not even sure if he could take on Zebith in a duel. Something would have to be done about this up and comer. The fight was of little challenge to the group after this spell was unleashed; soon the broodling and it’s minions layed dead before the roaring crowd. Suddenly, the fearie fire flickered out ominously. Zin Zerena could be seen holding the Archmage’s decapitated head for the city to see. Then, in an instant, a magical bolt was fired from her crossbow- hitting Triel Beanre strait in her black heart. The shot was fired from an almost impossible distance: over 100 meters! It was obvious that some sort of powerful incantation was involved in this treacherous murder. A ferocious roar sounded out just feet away from the group. In the confusion and disorientation of the whole event, the group had not even realized that Cho’Gath had transformed into a horrible monstrosity! Handmaidens filed out from the stands and entered into combat with Oblodra and Beanre. The whole tournament was a farce alright… a farce to dethrown Beanre. Unsure of what to do, bishop did the only thing which seemed right: he was going to suicide bomb Zerena. He activated his spider legs invention and sped toward the slippery demi-drow. But before Bishop could go through with his plan, Zerena imparted some crucial information to his logical outlook. She told him that Lolth was no longer happy with the dealings of Menzo. The spider queen had ordered the eradication of Beanre and Oblodra. Bishop was told that the spider queen did not care who was in power after that. Zerena’s words made sense to Bishop. Turning to his companion’s life battle with the transformed Cho’Gath, Bishop decided to put his explosives to work. The satchel landed on Cho’Gath and made a huge impact- almost outright killing him! The battle for Menzoberranzan concluded with minimal losses to Zerena and the handmaidens fighting force. Beanre and Oblodra were completely annihilated. DinDin and Vierna confronted the group with a proposition: come to BDA as officers or try your luck being exiled. Bishop, long gone by now, had clearly chosen the latter. Aghar, having a curious feeling about Bishop, look no delay in seeking him out in the tunnels outside of Menzo. Cho’Gath decided that his place would have to be anywhere outside of Menzo. But he wasn’t prepared to take a journey to the foul surface lands. Zebith, Kara, and Aghar, having no real ties to anything but their newly found fighting companions, decided to take their adventures to new heights. What will await the group in the surface?



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